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MBA Car Buying Service - Saving you time & money on any new car

MBA Car Buying Service - Saving you time & money on any new car
Special Member Offer
MBA Car Buying Service - Saving you time & money on any new car

Looking to purchase a new vehicle at an extremely competitive price?

The MBA Car Buying Service can help.

We work with dealerships Australia wide to source your desired make or model.

Get your hands on a new vehicle with specialised member discounts.

We liaise with a robust network of national dealerships to:

  • Negotiate the best pricing.
  • Assist with trade-ins.
  • Facilitate test drives.
  • Provide advice and customer service.

This service is obligation-free with no additional costs or service fees.


Complimentary Offers

Be sure to explore our complimentary offers following your vehicle purchase. As a member, you have access to exclusive deals on aftercare, tinting, interior and exterior protection, and more.



How do I start the process?

As the first step, we encourage members to conduct some research prior to requesting pricing. While we can assist you with pricing, we cannot provide qualified advice on different makes and models.

Once this has been done, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

How long does the process take?

After an enquiry has been submitted we are generally able to get back to you within 1-3 business days.

What discount can I expect on my purchase?

Discounts are based on corporate/fleet or better pricing. Quotes differ depending on the make and model of your desired vehicle.

Can I refer family or friends?


Which brands can't you assist with?

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers sell cars the same way

We are not able to assist with pricing on vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Honda at present as they operate on a fixed-pricing model (i.e. no discounts available)

Currently, we are not able to assist with Toyota for example - due to supply issues and increasing demand, dealerships are not able to discount their vehicles

Other makes may apply depending on their situation

We take care of all the hard work when purchasing your new vehicle.

Make an enquiry

Simply tell us what vehicle you wish to purchase and any options you wish to add (no more than 2 vehicles)

Extended Test Drives

We can coordinate an extended test drive at your local dealership.

Get a great deal

We negotiate on your behalf to obtain a great deal.

Organise delivery

We organise for a seamless delivery of your new vehicle.

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