When it comes to purchasing a new car, one of the last things we usually want to think about is then spending MORE money.  Given the plethora of finance, insurance and aftermarket options most dealerships will throw at you once you have signed on the dotted line, it is quite easy to flat out refuse the whole lot without a further thought given.  And in terms of signing these over to the dealership, most of the time the decision to politely give an N-O is the right one, however, there is one particular product they might be spruiking which you should keep in mind once you have taken delivery – Paint Protection.

  1. Why Paint Protection?

Paint Protection coats your new vehicle with a protective layer against the elements, environmental extremes (particularly important in Australia), road grime and stains.  While garaging your car can negate to an extent some of the aforementioned factors, these can never be completely avoided.  In addition to their protective benefits, the best paint protection products on the market will also produce an ultra-gloss finish to your car which does not require a wax and polish to maintain.

  1. What About Interior Protection?

If your car is exposed to direct sunlight on a daily basis, you also may want to consider purchasing Interior Protection.  This is especially important if your car has leather upholstery and interior.  An All-Surface Interior Protection package will preserve the original look, feel and smell of your car, while also protecting against cracking and fading caused by UV exposure.  This will also reduce wear, dirt build-up and repel common spillages.

  1. Where Is This Done and How Much Will It Cost Me?

While protection products are generally applied at a pre-delivery centre prior to your new car being delivered, this can also be done at your home once your car has been delivered or on a vehicle you currently own.  As a registered wholesaler of Permagard Protection Products, we are able to provide our members with a significantly discounted price on the entire Permagard range.  If you would like a quote or further information, please contact us on:


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