Permagard protection products are certified by leading aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing. Permagard products are used by major airlines all over the world to protect their fleet. Why do they choose us? Because these titans of industry recognise Permagard’s sophisticated and scientifically backed technology, and trust our products to perform as specified. So, if it’s good enough for major airlines, then we know it will be good enough for your car. 

At the end of the day, wherever you find highly valued painted surfaces, you should be looking to Permagard to protect them. 

Exterior Protection 

The Permagard Reactive Polymer exterior protection is a scientifically developed coating that chemically bonds to the paint of your car. Once applied, the invisible glass-like barrier will bond to your car’s paint, offering exceptional long-term protection against tree sap, bird droppings and other debris your car might experience on a daily basis.

Ultra-Glossy Finish

An intense shine that will last for years to come. UV Inhibiting Technology guarantees gloss and prevents discolouration or oxidation.

Less Washing, No waxing

The Reactive Polymer coating  resists dirt and  grime build-up, making the vehicle easier to wash and negating the need for wax or polish.

Stain Resistance

Protects against a wide range of  environmental contaminates such as bird lime, tree sap and industrial pollution.

Fabric & Leather Protection 

Permagard’s unique upholstery protection technology binds to every fibre and surface of carpet, leather and fabric in your vehicle. Adding this protective layer means the treated areas are no longer vulnerable to staining and can be cleaned with a simple wipe down.

Copolymer Technology

 Coats and shields every fibre and surface.


 Maintains your new leather look and smell.

Sun Protection

 Blocks harmful UV rays.


 First line of chemically bonded defence against food and water based liquid spills.


 Stains are not absorbed by treated surfaces, making them easy to clean.

Plastic & Vinyl Protection 

Permagard’s plastic and vinyl protection provides a durable and invisible protective barrier against stains. Your car will be easier to clean and the treated surface will also be resistant to UV-induced discolouration and fading.

Stain Resistant

   Clear protective layer makes it easier to wipe off marks.

Sun Protection

   Blocks UV rays and prevents cracking and fading caused by sun exposure.


   Repels common spillages and dirt.